The MASAJ journey began back in 2016, following founder Scarlet’s realisation that she wanted to shift her focus from publishing to starting a massage brand.

After an initial launch and successful year in Barcelona, Scarlet moved MASAJ back to London to continue its expansion in the place she felt people needed it the most.

In June 2018, MASAJ launched its first studio in The Gossamer City Project, Hackney; bringing on a team of highly qualified therapists, as well as talented folk on design, partnerships and social.

MASAJ continues to grow its brand, community and team; opening two new studios, a wait space and a shop, continuing the work with local, like-minded brands, in spring 2019.

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The MASAJ team comprises Scarlet, founder and CEO, at the helm, with right-hand woman Alice, co-founder, by her side. Dave and Bex deal with all things design, partnerships and brand, while Aisling heads up our Studio Management Team. Alongside is a highly qualified and incredible team of seven therapists; Adam, Rita, Kate, Elliot, Tessa, Hachim and Naomi, and a wider group of chair and remote therapists who are all freaking great.

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Scarlet Crawley
Founder + CEO

Scarlet is head boss woman a.k.a founder of MASAJ, having launched the brand back in 2016 after moving it to London from Barcelona.

As well as running the business, Scarlet continues to develop her deep interest in anatomy and the power of touch by expanding her massage therapist knowledge and training, promoting the importance of regular bodywork.

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Alice Vaughan
Co-Founder + COO

Alice’s background lies in operations and project management, meaning she brings a much-needed number and spreadsheet-friendly head to the MASAJ team. Before joining in early 2019, to support Scarlet in building partnerships, managing the back-end operations, she ran product launches and community engagement for a number of tech companies, start-ups and non-profit organisations. Not just an impressive business brain, she's also a massive believer in the power of alternative therapies and is currently studying to become a Reiki Master.

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Bex Gillam
Brand, product + Partnerships

Where Alice has got the numbers sorted, Bex is all about the words. Most things you read of MASAJ will have passed through her capable (and grammatically and stylistically neurotic) hands. With a background in journalism, particularly wellbeing, which she still does alongside her work at MASAJ, consultancy and yoga teaching. Bringing experience of the industry, she works on MASAJ’s branding, press and partnerships — including taking charge of our monthly collaborative competitions and our new store offering.

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Dave Needham
Brand + Design

The brain behind much of MASAJ's beautiful imagery and aesthetics, Dave has been a part of MASAJ from the early days. He deals with all things design, keeping our social media, content and communications looking pretty.

He brings a nice, normal not wellbeing-centric mind to the team, with a useful focus on zeitgeisty food and music.


Aisling Maye
Studio Manager

The delightful Aisling is our ‘Jack of all trades, master of all’ Studio Manager who will make everyone feel welcome and sort any of your probs.

Having been a client of MASAJ’s for years, she is joining the team alongside her six-year floristry career.

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Cool and calm as heck, Adam is a man of impressive tattoos and impressive technique (though we do say so ourselves).

Influenced by Swedish, Thai, Japanese Acupressure and TCM Reflexology, he developed his own signature style, which is both confident and intuitive, through courses at The London College of Massage, TouchPro and Shen Mantra.

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With her soothing Scottish accent and grounding strength, Rita is a real all-rounder, but specialises in pre and postnatal treatments, following a Level 3 Diploma from the London School of Massage and post-graduate trainings in Pregnancy And Labour Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage and Warm Bamboo Massage. Plus, she’s adding Thai to her already impressive CV in the next year.

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Kate joined MASAJ following a stint in New York, where she completed her course at Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2016. Having totted up an impressive 1000 hours of training, including Swedish, Sports, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, pregnancy massage, chair massage, reflexology, energy polarity and Shiatsu, she's truly a 5-star therapist. She integrates cranio-sacral therapy and reiki healing with a mastered individual style that perfectly combines body and energy work.

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Elliot is big on relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul with bespoke sessions tailored to release your specific pains and strains. Having trained in Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Therapeutic massage techniques, and ultrasound therapy, he combines knowledge from each to create a unique experience to help relieve individuals from their own everyday stresses. He came to massage through personal experience of the relief and respite it can provide.


Fresh back from Sri Lanka, where she worked at Soul and Surf, Tessa is a level 4 holistic massage and reiki therapist.

During her treatments, she creates a calm and soothing space to relax and release, while using a range of techniques and energy work to provide an opportunity to experience bodily awareness and mental clarity, to switch off from your busy life and even to address stored emotions.



Hachim’s knowledge of physio and anatomy is sh*thot, thanks to his level 3 sports massage training and ongoing Masters Degree in Osteopathy.

He’s one to preach what he practices, as he’s passionate about swimming, martial arts and playing American Football.

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With a background in dancing and training in holistic therapies, including Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Holistic Organic Facials and Advanced Clinical Massage, Naomi incorporates her extensive knowledge into her treatments. Tailoring them to the individual, she creates space and stillness in the body and mind.

Join Our Team

We're always on the look-out for talented and passionate people to join the MASAJ family. If you're interested in finding out more, send your CV and a short note on why you think you'd be a good fit to hello@masaj.me