Bodywork; using the power of touch to restore anatomical balance.

MASAJ provides a contemporary space to combat the negative effects of city living.

At MASAJ we use a carefully tailored menu and a clean, fresh aesthetic to nourish the body and cleanse the mind.

We redefine the concept of a massage.
  • Committed to curating natural, beautiful products that really work.
  • Embracing of the nuances and complexities of each body.
  • Celebrating the creativity of local independents through explorative collaborations.
We also offer corporate packages/all day bookings. We can come to you on a day rate or pay-as-you go basis, adhoc or regularly.

Chair massage is renowned in the work place because of the array of benefits, ranging from reducing stress and decreasing anxiety to improving overall mood and energy. Not to mention the obvious decrease in pain through releasing overworked muscles in patterns of tensions that so often occur from desk work or long hours on the feet.

MASAJ provides excellent quality chair massage for seated fully or part clothed clients. Our routines are tailored to the individual but tend to cover the head, neck, shoulder, back, hips, arms and hands.We recommend the twenty minute massage treatment for the full works but adaptations of five, ten, fifteen and thirty minute sessions can be applied.

We pay attention to body mechanics, our techniques are carefully practised to ensure our therapists can endure long hours and multiple clients.

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The Gossamer City Project,
58 Gossamer Gardens,
The Oval,
E2 9FN
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