24 Hours In... Seville: Bex Gillam, Writer


Some pals and I headed to Seville to celebrate one of the group’s thirtieths in July; arguably a peculiar time to visit a notoriously hot Spanish city, but it was glorious.


We just hung out on our roof top pool during the days, and wandered around bars and restaurants at night (which, as a format, is the dream — lounging during the toasty hours and venturing into the city when it gets cooler).


I don’t feel I’m in the best position to make recommendations as we missed most of the ‘must do’ activities, but I did see some flamenco (💃), learnt how to make Sgroppinos (… irrelevant to the trip as they’re an Italian drink, BUT so delicious, made with a shot of vodka, a scoop of lemon sorbet, a glass of fizzy white wine — maybe Cava or Prosecco, and chopped mint leaves) and took pictures of the MASAJ-toned walls to send to the team.


Chao for now.

Bex Gillam