What's Up: Eco Your Period


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that menstrual packaging contributes to fuck loads of plastic waste in the oceans.

The stats are pretty grim… It takes a tampon longer to degrade than the average lifespan of a human and the plastic applicator by a long way — 500 YEARS. And, get this: 10 billion are used across the world every month.

Other sanitary products aren’t looking much greener. Menstrual pads, for example, can contain up to 90% plastic (which adds up to four supermarket bags). 

All in all a grim prospect! Especially when you consider on average, unless a menstruator swaps to reusable alternatives, they use 11,000 period products in a lifetime.

That’s why we’re stocking the hell out of eco-friendly versions; DAME’s D applicator and organic tampons, as well as OrganiCup’s menstrual cups.

As DAME co-founder Celia says: ‘Choice is everything [...] There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for women when it comes to menstrual products’.

Cups can seem intimidating (though truly they’re fricking great), so an applicator that you don’t have to chuck can be the #1 sustainable option. It’s a personal thang. And you don’t have to choose as you may feel having options for different days of your period.

You can buy a DAME reusable applicator and tampons, as well as an OrganiCup in size A or B here or in our Shop.

And check THIS out, below — DAME are petitioning for schools to bring in sustainable period products to avoid the equivalent of 90 million plastic bags being used a year… Get signing, ppl.

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Bex Gillam