Handy Explainer: Salts Salts Salts


At the Shop, we sell a few different types of salts; pretty Himalayan pink and sparkly white Epsom.

But apart from the colour and ground size, what are the differences and benefits?

100% natural pink Himalayan salt

What is it? Unlike epsom salt, Himalayan salt actually contains 98% sodium chloride (a.k.a salt) and the rest comprises 84 different trace minerals that occur naturally in the body, including bicarbonate, bromide, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, sulphate, zinc, potassium, calcium and magnesium which gives the salts the rosy shade. That’s why it’s used in food, as well as bathing.

Appearance: Pink and pretty 

How to use: Add two handfuls (or more for detox, dry skin or achy joints) into your bath while it’s running and make sure the grains are fully dissolved before you soak — preferably for twenty minutes or more. 


  1. Detox the body by extracting toxins, which clears the pores and helps brighten the complexion, as well as drawing out water for fluid retention.

  2. Salt water baths carry the electric charge of the salt and minerals; the natural rhythm of which resonates with the organ functions to benefit the body and mind; particularly the regulatory processes, metabolism and cell health (… which you may only be interested in if crystals and energy work are your thing).

  3. Improve skin health by hydrating, softening and deep cleansing, as well as healing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

  4. Like normal salt, it’s got stellar anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties which helps to maintain healthy skin and tackle infection. Even the air from a salt bath can improve respiratory issues.

  5. Provide relief to achy muscles with to the inflammatory properties of calcium and minerals.

  6. Good old-fashioned relaxation and quality snoozing that can come from a long soak in the tub.

100% Natural Epsom Salt a.k.a Magnesium Sulphate

What is it? It’s not really a salt, it’s just called that due to its structure and the fact it dissolves in water — though, unlike table salt, it’s not pleasant to eat. It’s made up of magnesium, sulphur and oxygen.

Appearance: Like sparkly magic

How to use: Add two handfuls (or more for achy muscles) into your bath while it’s running and make sure the grains are fully dissolved before you soak — preferably for twenty minutes or more. 


  1. Aid the removal of toxins by working with the body’s natural detoxification processes.

  2. Nourish dry skin and improve conditions, like eczema and psoriasis (but speak to a healthcare professional before using to ensure it won’t flare yours up).

  3. Gentle exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells and even blackheads.

  4. Provide pain relief for inflammation caused by post-sport aches or ongoing conditions, such as arthritis, due to the magnesium that helps rid the body of toxins that causes swelling and stiffness.

  5. For bone health as the magnesium, which can be absorbed into the body during the soak, bolsters the density.

  6. Reducing water-related bloat as the grains help remove water (as well as toxins) from the body. 

  7. Stress and anxiety relief which has been proven to be aided by magnesium boosting the sleep-inducing and stress-reducing brain neurotransmitters, as well as melatonin. Research suggests epsom salts lower cortisol, the stress hormone, and managing magnesium levels can reduce stress.

  8. Foot health, which no-one likes to deal with, like treatment for athlete’s foot and ingrown toenail infections to help with itching and overall healing (and bonus: smelly feet!). 

  9. Generally chilling out in a warm bath after a long week is good for everything (and it’s better for the body than a large glass of Malbec).

MASAJ tip: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil (or a capful of a MASAJ signature blend) to a bath for max zen.

MASAJ tip 2: It’s best to bathe in water closest to the body temp (37 degrees Celcius).

MASAJ tip 3: Remember to take a glass of water or herbal tea, like the Wunder Workshop blend, to stay hydrated.

We sell both for £2 for 250g, £3.50 for 1kg and £8 for 5kg (but you get 50p off when you bring back your MASAJ salt bag or your own vessel, like a glass jar)

Bex Gillam