What The Deuce Is... The Plus Menu?


As part of MASAJ 2.0, we decided to add a few little extras onto our signature treatments — including products from some of the brilliant brands we work with and stock in the Shop.

Relaxing Hand/Foot Massage with MONTAMONTA £2.50

Feel even more zen after your bodywork with an extra focus on the hands or feet with the nourishing verbena, geranium and cedar balm.

Refreshing Foot Soak & Scrub with MASAJ Signature Blends £4

‘Sort out snoozy feet with a rejuvenating pre-treatment bath’

… This is a dreamy treatment in itself, but especially at the start of a massage to totally clean and relax the feet before you get comfortable on the bed. The therapist will wash them with our epsom salts (plus a few drops of your chosen oil blend) in a large enamel bowl of warm water, leaving one to soak while the other is massaged.

Make-up Removal with Skin & Tonic £2.50

‘Get rid of the day’s city grime with a silky smooth cleanser wiped off with a natural bamboo pad’

… We heard tell that some of you folk understandably don’t like feeling like you have a grubby face when you’re having a treatment — or definitely would like to know it’s feeling fresh. That’s why we added a make-up remover step, at the start of your massage, for a cleansing once-over with Skin & Tonic’s organic silky smooth oil on a bamboo pad (sustainable and reusable, obvs).

Deep Cleanse & Nourish with BY SARAH LONDON £4

‘Go that bit deeper with a natural balm and facial oil combo that will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean’

… Almost a facial, using BY SARAH LONDON’s natural Green Clay Cleansing Balm — massaged onto your face by the therapist and wiped off with a warm bamboo pad — followed by the nourishing Organic Facial Oil applying in calming sweeps before your treatment.

Cuticle Oil Treatment with Arganic £2

‘Nourish dry nails with a multitasking organic argan oil as part of your hand massage’

… Healthy hands make us feel made up, but realistically keeping them in shape (unless you’re a therapist and work with oils all day, ery day) can be tricky. Give your nails and cuticles a little moisture boost with Arganic’s multitasking argan oil, which your therapist will massage in when they get to the hand part of the treatment.

Leave-in Moisturising Hair Mask with O WAY £3.50

‘Moisturise dry, dehydrated hair with this ultra rich cream which will be applied during a head massage and rinsed off at home’

… Frizzy hair, definitely do care. That’s why we added a upgrade for your hair with O WAY’s Moisturising Hair Mask, which your therapist will include as part of a head massage; first focusing on the scalp, then evening it down the lengths. And it smells BUFF.

Invigorating Scalp Treatment with Alchemy Oils £3

‘Nurture hair follicles and ensure healthy growth with this zingy peppermint oil’

… If you want a bit more attention to the scalp, rather than the hair, this treatment is for you. Alchemy Oil’s peppermint Hair Remedy is cooling and refreshing; perfect for a toasty summer’s day (or chilly winter’s one actually).

Just tell the studio manager who signs you in that you’d like one within your treatment for an even more relaxing and rejuvenating MASAJ experience. (Yuh, we didn’t think it was possible either.)

Bex Gillam