Nº 1

For total relaxation. Focus on a particular area or go for the full body. Profoundly curative.

30/60/90 mins



Nº 2

For releasing chronic patterns of tension. A full body deep tissue treatment which loosens muscle fibres and improves circulation. Simple and powerful.

30/60/90 mins



Nº 3

For a restorative focus on a chosen area. A deep tissue massage for your neck & shoulders, head, hands or feet, to manipulate and alleviate tension in commonly overworked muscle groups.

30/60/90 mins



Nº 4

For sporty humans. A recuperating focus on a problem area or a head-to-toe MOT for those who push their bodies to the limit, working into overexerted muscle groups.

30/60/90 mins



Nº 5

For pre/post-natal women folk. A self-care session with full body or focused muscle work, helping with the stresses and strains of carrying a human.

30/60/90 mins


Nº 6


For creating an equilibrium throughout the body and mind with reflexology. A pressure point session on the feet and hands (with the therapist using a thumb and finger technique) that involves stimulating nerve functions to improve your energy levels, circulation and central nervous system, as well as chronic pain, sleep, depression and anxiety.


60/90 mins

£40 - 30 minutes / £70 - 60 minutes / £90 - 90 minutes

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